Service Auction

As Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, they get us thinking about what we can do for others.  We contribute to the Salvation Army Bell Ringer at the supermarket, we participate in food and clothing drives and we make someone’s Christmas a little brighter. I attended a service auction at my church and it was so much fun I held one in my home and invited some of my friends.  It was a night of laughter and socializing before the holidays get too busy.  Here is how it works.

I compiled a list of 20 to 25 questions which have a numerical answer to them. How many shoes are in your closet?  How many beds are made right this minute in your home?  How many bottles of wine do you have?  I emailed this to about 15-20 of my friends and asked that they answer all the questions and add up their score.  In addition to this assignment, I asked them to contribute a service to the auction.  One friend offered to babysit. Another offered to make lobster bisque for eight people.  Another friend offered a tennis lesson.  The night of the auction, all were asked to bring their score sheet and I compiled the service offerings and handed them out when they arrived.  I served light appetizers and drinks then we all gathered in my living room for the auction.

It was then explained that the score they received was the “dollars”  they had to spend on an auction item. One friend had 130 1/2 points and when we asked about the 1/2 point she informed us she only had half of a wine bottle at home!  The bidding became pretty heated as several competed for a specific auction item.  Another friend bid on a pool party even though she owned a pool herself. Often, if two people wanted the same thing they shared the item.  Two of us took advantage of the tennis lesson. There was no expiration date on the items – in fact two years after the auction my friend is still trying to plan that pool party!

Let’s face it – we are all pretty generous with are time and money but when do we do anything for ourselves.  We all had a blast getting together, catching up on each other’s lives and leaving with something that didn’t cost a thing!  Try it and you’ll be doing it every year.

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