Valentines for Oldlyweds

With Valentine’s Day, we think of gifts of diamonds, red roses and romantic dinners but for a lot of people, if it weren’t for Hallmark, the day would pass with little fanfare or forgotten all together.  Not so if my friend Renee has anything to say about it. We were invited to her home for a Valentine’s Day dinner with our admission ticket being our wedding picture to display for all to view.  Once we arrived, we realized it would not be just an evening of socializing with friends but a competition patterned after the Newlywed game.  While we compared wedding and bridesmaid gown styles and dated hairdos (which was a hoot), Renee took each of us away privately to ask questions and record our answers.  She asked us things like: ” What would your husband say is your favorite rock band?” (answer Journey), “Where were you when he proposed?”  or “What is your mother-in-law’s mother’s name? The number of guests she had invited dictated that she have two preliminary rounds and a final round. Answers came sometimes spontaneously and some took a lot of thought. Sometimes the wives were  as clueless as the husbands.It can’t be fully express how funny it was to hear the answers and see the spouses’ reactions. If the wedding pictures were a hoot, well the “Oldlywed” game was a hoot and a half!

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