Yummy Burrata


I am in love with Cara Cara oranges.  Its pulp is sweet, seedless not quite the color of a blood orange but darker pulp than a naval orange.  I cut off the rind and cut the segments and scattered them on top of some baby butter lettuce.  I then took a ball of burrata and tore it into pieces and distributed the pieces as well. I sprinkled pomegranate seeds, thin slices of red onion and chunks of deliciously ripe avocado. I found a simple dressing on line:  2tbls of olive oil, 3 tbls of Red wine vinegar, and 2 tsp honey. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the salad and serve. It not only looks beautiful but tastes delicious.

Another easy but delicious appetizer uses burrata as well. I purchase bruschetta from Whole Foods (but if you are in Florida, Publix makes a great one, too) and pesto. In a small serving dish pour the bruschetta on one side and the pesto on the other.  Place a fresh burrata ball on top in the middle. Take a small baguette and slice 1/4″ slices. Brush with olive oil and place under the broiler until toasted. Do the same to the other side if desired.   Spoon  the bruschetta-pesto -burrata mixture onto the toast and Enjoy!! I score the ball for easier dipping)  I make this all the time but keep forgetting to take a picture so one will be coming soon!

Easy Morita Chile Salsa

20170309_172702My husband and I were on our way home from a destination wedding in San Miguel, Mexico last fall when he struck up a conversation with a young American woman sitting next to him who currently lives in Mexico City.  She shared with us her favorite and authentic salsa recipe using her favorite chile.

I found Morita Mexican Whole Dried Chiles on Amazon and ordered them.  They are a beautiful red chile with a wonderful smoky flavor.  Her recipe is simple but delicious and only requires 3 ingredients.

In a dry cast iron pan over med-high heat, roast 2-3 dried chiles and 2-3 cloves of whole garlic. Stir to allow these ingredients to brown and soften. In the pictures below I also roasted some sliced shallot or onion although this wasn’t in her recipe.  Remove place in the bowl of a small processor. Take one washed, large, whole tomato and place it in the hot pan.  Roast until the tomato skin begins to brown, peel and soften.    Although her recipe calls for the tomato to remain whole, mine was store bought so I quartered it, I thought this would release the tomato’s juices. Use a wooden spoon to roll it around the hot pan to roast all sides.  Remove from the pan and add to the processor.

For a milder salsa, use 1 or 2 more tomatoes.  The chiles are very hot but if you like the heat, roast and add more. Salt to taste. I suggest, when possible use farm fresh tomatoes as they are sweeter and juicier and make the best salsa. Supermarket tomatoes  will work when garden fresh aren’t available. Serve with chips.