Tea and Garden Shower

Recently, my daughter hosted, with the other bridesmaids,  a Bridal Shower for a friend in my home.  The theme was a Garden Tea Party, not necessarily an original shower concept.  It turned out beautifully and without a lot of crazy running around and planning.  We held a work party the night before.  The bridesmaids set up borrowed 10×10 tents and set up the rented tables and chairs.  The brides mom provided the flowers for the floral arrangements which were in assorted tea tins and tea cups. We brought  a  silver tea set out of moth balls and polished it.  Assorted tea cups were retrieved from the other Mom’s curio cabinets and proudly put into service .  Salads and tea sandwiches were on the menu and beautifully decorated cupcakes served for dessert, all were home made.  Since the bride resides across the country and many of the gifts were shipped to her there she took a video of her opening them.  The video was shown and proved to be very entertaining.  The shower was not a long affair, wrapping up in a little over two hours and the guests went home with a peat plant cup with paper flowers with embedded seeds ready to be planted, tied up in a bow.  A fun afternoon for all, short, sweet, and not at all boring.


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Tea and Garden Bridal Shower

Bakery themed bridal shower

Bridal Showers can be a lot of fun or they can be deadly.  The deadly description was what we were trying to avoid when my daughter and I were planning her sister’s bridal shower.  The bride loves to bake so her very clever sister thought that a baking theme would be appropriate.  She designed these invites (with help from pinterest) tied up with bakery twine and enclosed a recipe card to be returned at the shower.  From the invites we had our color scheme – pastels – yellow, pink, violet, and green. 

For favors, we continued with our bakery theme making vanilla using vodka and vanilla beans and letting it “steep” for 8-10 weeks.  We purchased brown 4 oz bottles, labeled them and tied them up with the bakers twine.  For the tables, we “painted” clear glass cake plates with a mixture of mod podge and food coloring and sprayed them with white glitter. Each were the one of the pastels of our theme and we made pies to act as centerpieces which would later be used for the dessert: yellow – lemon meringue; pink – strawberry rhubarb; green – key lime; purple – blueberry; white – apple.  Pastel sprinkles were sprinkled on the table cloth like confetti and completed the table design.

Because the bride did not want to open gifts a solution had to be found.  Our remedy was that as the guests arrived, their gifts were taken by the bridesmaids, unwrapped, labeled and displayed.  They then were escorted to the far end of the room where they were served mimosas and appetizers and asked to contribute an idea to the date night jar. Some were later read during the meal. The following poem explains the activity:

Many married couples don’t seem to date

Their social lives pause, then tend to stagnate

Their lives get busy, time travels on

They get old and lethargic and often withdrawn

But Tyler and Katie will be wedded soon

And their last date cannot be their honeymoon.

So think long and hard as to what you would do

If given the chance for a fun rendezvous.

Take pink, green or YELLOW and write a suggestion

That will answer their challenging date night question.





The meal was a simple buffet of assorted sandwiches, seasonal soup and salad and condiments.  Between the meal and coffee and dessert, a lips and mustache game was played where the guests were requested to guess who said what from a list of questions that were given to the bride and groom.  It didn’t require a lot of work and the guests learned more about the couple.  In the meantime, the pies were taken from the tables and cut and the guests were invited to sample them over coffee.  Leftovers were encouraged to be taken home. Since time was not taken for opening the gifts, concluding activities were to help the bride to write her vows,  to read some of the date night suggestions and perusing the gifts.The shower was only 2 hours long but was plenty of time to allow for visiting, catching up and visiting with the bride.  All in all, a successful and fun time.